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sum pix of kool bands
pix of me mi b/f melissa and her b/f and other kool guyz we met at the swan and dolphin hotel
pix of hott celebs
good bands or singers
funny but stupid insults
SoNg LyRiCs
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funny but stupid insults

I've seen people get hit wit an ugly stick b 4 but damn u musta been beaten with it...
Mirrors can't tlk and lucky 4 u they can't laugh either!!
ur so dumb u couldn't find nemo!
ur so fat u hav more rolls than a bakery!
Fashion Tip 101: u only need 2 wear 1 pair of sox at a x and they belong on ur feet not in ur bra
God Made Oceans God Made Lakes Gad Made (name) Hey, we all make mistakes!i would put sum 1 in there but evr e 1 mostly no's who i seriously hate!
u were 1 of the best games I evr played...
roses r red, violets r black, y is yo chest as flat as mi back.
ur like a giant wedgie... just 1 big pain in mi ass!
She's so flat the walls r jealous!
**!Why don't u go put a condom on ur head, cuz if ur gonna act like a dick, u might as well look like 1 2!**
There's no "I" in dumbass but there is a "U"
~ur so fat...Ok I ran out of jokes, but ur still fat!!!~
-boyz r stupid throw rox at them.HARD.just not the hott 1's!
***ThIs Is A RaKe AnD ShOvEl CoNvErSaTiOn, No HoEs AlLoWeD!!! ***
if god makes all things beautiful, then who made u?
Ewwww! Whats On Ur Shoulders?...Oooh! It's just ur head!!
It takes me 42 muscles to frown, but it takes me only four to raise mi middle finger and say, "Bite me."
Don't hate me because u hate me, hate me because u ain't me

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